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Free Apps for phones free apps for ipads

In The News

Coloring App - Valentines Coloring Book for Boys and Girls

This coloring app is a great activity to keep your kids busy this Valentine's Day - or any other day of the year. The Valentines Coloring app, iPhone coloring app (by Peep Software), comes with free coloring pages containing 22 cute and whacky characters to choose from.

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News10 App of the Day: Thanksgiving Coloring Book

Keep the kids occupied while your getting ready on Thursday with the Thanksgiving Coloring Book app.

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Review for Christmas Coloring Book! App

Whether you let your child use your iOS device at home or out and about - you can update the good, old-fashioned activity of coloring by letting them do it on an iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

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Best Thanksgiving kids activities apps, coloring & more

Of course everybody knows that today is Thanksgiving, when all across the U.S. families and friends join in celebration, eat themselves silly and enjoy the spirit of the occasion. When the family comes together though it?s always a good idea to have some activities lined up for the kids to keep them busy and entertained.

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Christmas Coloring Book For Your iDevice

The holidays are fast approaching and that means everyone is getting ready for every possible way. For me, I am a huge crafter, so a lot of the activities going on in my house are craft related. I often get the children coloring books and game books for the holidays.

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Entertain Your Kids with the Free Christmas Coloring Book App

Most children love to color but packing a coloring book and markers is not always practical. I recently had the chance to try out a new iPhone and iPad app called Christmas Coloring Book, which is a great way to avoid a mess of coloring books, crayons, and markers! I love the idea of a coloring book - without crayons - on the iPhone or iPad. It's all of the fun and none of the mess (and the walls stay clean!)

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Christmas Coloring Book, catch the holiday spirit with this app

The holidays are here which means that families start traveling to see relatives. Since most kids do not like to be bored, parents try to have lots of things to keep them occupied. At the same time, fathers don't want to bring an entire house full of toys on a trip.

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Enjoy the Holidays with Christmas Coloring Book App for Kids

My kids enjoy coloring. Especially using my iPhone. My kids often use electronic devices to do online coloring books, so they adored it when I showed them the Christmas Coloring Book app for kids on my iPod.

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Free Christmas Coloring Book App for iPad and iPhone

My kids are obsessedwith my iPad. They always want to watch shows like Netflix on my iPod touch. However, it?s easy to find an alternative with kids since I have lots of other kid friendly apps loaded onto it.

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Christmas coloring book App review

I evaluate apps on 1. Cuteness, 2. Fun and 3. Usability. Yes yes, cuteness is the first of my criteria! Christmas Coloring Book ranks high in all 3. It's not Christmas time yet but I just love Christmas and I am thinking about it more than Thanksgiving.

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App of the Week: Thanksgiving Coloring Book!

Wanting to keep the children entertained while preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Wait no longer! This app will entertain your children for hours! There are unique features found in this app that will make any kid, or adult, feel like a coloring rockstar!

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Essential apps for a stress-free Thanksgiving

Seriously, did anyone know how to properly fix up a turkey before the dawn of cooking apps? Obviously not; folks have been screwing up the bird for generations. But no more of that -- you have no excuses now. Though if you do somehow manage to still totally screw up the single most important dinner of the year, we've got apps for that too (read: location-based services to help you find the nearest open pub).

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Color, Create & Share with Ocean Coloring Book App

I've been spending a lot of time on my iPad lately; frequent travels and hours spent in airports and on flights will do that to a girl!

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Keeping kids entertained the creative way with Ocean Coloring Book

Are you planning a last minute summer vacation? Time to pack of the family and head away for a few days of fun and frolic? What are you going to do to keep the kids occupied while you are traveling? Think about it.

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Ocean Coloring Book Children's App. for iPad & iPhone

I'm always looking for great iPhone apps for my boys to play with- they use my phone and our iPod touch all the time, especially when I REALLY need 15 minutes to get something done.

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Ocean Coloring Book iPad App Perfect for Road Trips

One of the things that kept my girls entertained (and my husband and I sane) on our road trips this Summer is the iPad and the assortment of apps for kids. We have spent more hours on the road in June than all of our road trips combined?ever. Of course, we spent many hours talking and sharing as a family, but let?s face it, the kids get tired of talking to Mom and Dad rather quickly.

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Ocean Coloring Book! App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

When it comes to our devices, I think almost any parent can agree that having an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is extremely convenient. After all, there's an app for just about anything and everything, isn't there?

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Underwater Word!

Peep Software has created the perfect coloring book to kee your children entertained and feeling creative through this hot, hot summer!

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Ocean Coloring Book! App

My sister came with my nephews over the weekend to visit. They are 5 1/2 and almost 3, and I always like to have some new things to do when they are over. One of the things they like to do when they visit is play with my iPad.

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Ocean Coloring Book FREE Coloring App!

Peep Software has a perfect coloring book to keep your kids entertained on all your summer vacations! Their Ocean Coloring Book App features cute ocean animals, sealife, blank pages for your own imagination and more. With a huge range of colors to choose from and great features like a paint bucket tool and easy shake to erase even the little ones will fine this app fun and easy to enjoy!

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Ocean Coloring Book for iPad and iPhone

Summer is here and families everywhere are hitting the road to have vacations, why not find ways to entertain the kids while on those long drives? There are many apps for the iPad and iPhone, if you own one, then check out Ocean Coloring Book from Peep Software.

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FREE Summer Coloring App For iPhone & iPad

Have I told you how much I love my iPad? Well, the truth is, I love how much my KIDS love my iPad. It?s great for so many things! One of our favorite activities is coloring. When I don?t feel like dragging out the crayons and coloring books the kids take turns with coloring apps. No mess!

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Five apps that'll help you celebrate the Easter holiday

Easter is just around corner which means it's time for spring flowers, lovely dresses and time with family and friends. Below are five apps to help you celebrate the Sunday holiday.

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8 Apps for Easter - and After

Little kids (and tiny ones) love touchscreens. Sometimes it's hard to convince them that not every screen is a touchscreen. The iTunes App Store has thousands (no joke, thousands) of apps aimed at youngsters, from storybooks to educational titles to "just one more level" games. I went hunting for Easter-themed apps and found enough to fill a basket...

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Egg-cellent Apps for Easter and Passover

When you think about Easter, what kind of things come to mind? Bunnies? Easter egg hunt, egg dyeing, chocolates, family get togethers? Well, to continue our search for the best apps out there, we've come up with a list of our favorite Easter apps!

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Quirky App Of The Day: Pirate Dots

The goal of the game of dots is to make a square on a field of dots. Each person takes turns drawing a straight line up, down, left or right. Eventually, the board becomes filled with lines, and you start making squares from them. Whoever makes the most squares wins the game.

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Electronic books celebrate Christmas

Christmas Coloring Book! is exactly what the name implies. There are 20 pages of Christmas-themed line drawings that can be colored in with virtual crayons. There's even a blank page so young artists can create their own scenes. A wide range of different colored crayons are available at the touch of a finger. There are options to color with the crayons or to use a bucket to fill large areas in one click. You can also choose between coloring "freeform" or being constrained to staying in the lines. There's an eraser to fix little mistakes, or you can shake your iPad to clear all the color from the screen.

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Xmas Coloring Book!

Christmas Coloring Book is a great coloring app that allows you to paint or color pictures with your fingers, in this case Christmas images. Kids will love being able to color freely as much as they want and parents will love not without having to worry about cleaning up after them.

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Top holiday apps for shopping, fun, travel

The Thanksgiving Coloring Book! app features a turkey you can decorate, not with stuffing, but with fingerpaint. There are also other images available for coloring. It's not just for kids.

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Need to entertain your kids on the long car ride to your great aunt?s house two states away? This free (for a short time) app keep your kids entertained, giving them a coloring book that features Thanksgiving characters. The unique color in the lines feature delivers professional looking pictures, and kids can just give it a shake to clear it out for the next coloring in! (This: Etch-a-Sketch).

Must-have Thanksgiving apps

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Three Apps To Use On Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Coloring Book -- To keep the kids busy while you're preparing dinner...or napping. IOS, iPad, and Android

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Five Thanksgiving apps you should gobble up

This one's kind of silly, but hear us out. While you're slaving over a hot stove, the last thing you need is little Jimmy or Susie underfoot. So break out your mobile device and give them something to do that's both festive and time-consuming.

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Top 5 Thanksgiving Apps for Kids

Thanksgiving Coloring Book! Color turkeys, pumpkins, corn, pilgrims, Indians and more with this Thanksgiving coloring book!

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Essential Thanksgiving Apps For Moms

Thanksgiving Coloring Book, Free (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) Keep little turkeys entertained with this 23-page virtual coloring book! (There's a similar app in the Android app market, too.)

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Best Thanksgiving Apps for Kids

Thanksgiving day preparation is usually a very hectic time for a lot of us. Sometimes, the kids get in the way of our preparation, so why not keep them busy? Get something that will distract them while you prepare for that special dinner of yours.

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10 Apps to Help Enhance Your Thanksgiving

Every family has its customary way to celebrate Thanksgiving, but every now and then, those practices can benefit from some updates. While you may never get your uncle to pay attention while the game is on

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Top 9 iPhone Thanksgiving Apps

Thanksgiving coloring book For the kid in all of us - this app has a range of images to color or paint, from Native Americans to steaming platters of turkey. Then, rather than hanging it on the refrigerator, you can save it and post to Facebook or Twitter.

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Top 9 Thanksgiving Apps for iPhone

For the kid in all of us -- this app has a range of images to color or paint, from Native Americans to steaming platters of turkey. Then, rather than hanging it on the refrigerator, you can save it and post to Facebook or Twitter.

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Thanksgiving-themed apps for a stress-free turkey day

Family, feasting and football; Thanksgiving's three F's make everything sound so simple, don't they? But as anybody who has ever hosted a friendly get-together can tell you, good times around the dinner table don't happen spontaneously (or at least not on holidays).

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