Valentines Dots!

Valentines Dots! for iOS

You remember sitting there. Your head was fuzzy, you were dazed, maybe even confused about what was happening. Then, suddenly a piece of paper covered in a grid of hand drawn dots was handed to you, a smile crept across your face and the fun was on! Everyone remembers this fun game of creating boxes out of a grid of dots. It may have been your sister that taught you, but there was no better silent game to pass the time. The rules are still the same. The first player draws a single line vertically or horizontally between 2 of the dots, then the second player does the same thing, avoiding if at all possibly giving the opponent the ability to 'close a box' and put their mark in the middle of it.

This easy game has kept kids of all ages quiet for decades and our version with its stunning HD graphics for the iPod and touch and drag interface is no different. This version of the game also holds the players attention with beautifully drawn characters.